• Firepits & Patios
  • Water Features
  • Patios & Retaining Walls
  • Stone Water Features
  • Fire Patio with Stone Seating
  • Large Retaining Walls
  • Large Stone Fire Ring & Patio
  • Stone Stairs, Retaining Wall, & Patio
  • Firepit Patio with Seating
Firepits & Patios1 Water Features2 Patios & Retaining Walls3 Stone Water Features4 Fire Patio with Stone Seating5 Large Retaining Walls6 Large Stone Fire Ring & Patio7 Stone Stairs, Retaining Wall, & Patio8 Firepit Patio with Seating9

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Our Mission at Granberg Landscaping is to design, build, and maintain beautiful, functional landscapes that meet our clients needs and exceed their expectations. With over 15 year of experience in landscaping and construction, Jason Granberg delivers quality workmanship for reasonable prices. No job is too big or too small for us and we promise we to turn your dirt into your dreams!


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Granberg Landscaping is a thriving business that will satisfy all your landscaping and concrete needs.

  • Landscaping & Curb Appeal
  • Retaining/Boulder Walls
  • Firepits & Paver Patios
  • Pondless Waterfalls
  • Snow Removal
  • & Much More
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